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Shower Spritzers

Shower Spritzers

FOR SHOWER LOVERS! Don't take baths? No worries, we've got you covered. You should never be neglected when it comes to pampering yourself. Our Spritzers dissolve on your shower floor, releasing divine aromas that to carry through the steam in your shower and provide you with some much deserved aromatherapy as you wash. 



Place a Shower Spritzer on your shower shelf or floor. The more water they come in contact with, the more aroma they release! 


Spicy Citrus: Wake up refreshed and start your day off right with the aroma of cinnamon and citrus.


Manly: Enjoy the blend of 8 of the sexiest and manliest scents as you fill your shower with pure manliness.


Energizing: Hello Energy! Add an energizing bust of invigorating peppermint and start your day off right!


Bliss: Start your day off right or end it in a good mood with a soft blend of sparkling champagne, peonies & almond crème.


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