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Cat Birthday Cake Animalz Bath Bomb

Cat Birthday Cake Animalz Bath Bomb

SKU: 665987180512

Roar like a lion, squeak like a mouse, and splash like a hippo with our animal shaped Animalz bath bombs - a surefire way to make tub time fun! A fun way to soften skin! Add one to a warm bath to create an explosion of softness as the bath bomb bubbles and fizzes, releasing fun aromas, right before your eyes!


Not recommended for children under 3.


For external use only

98% Natural


Smells Like Coconut, Vanilla Icing, Malt Sugar, White Cake Batter, Cocoa, Vanilla Bean


Directions 1. Fill your tub up with warm water as you would with a normal bath - as hot and as full as you'd like! 2. Get in the tub and add the bath bomb! (or don't get it in first - that's up to you!) 3. Enjoy the skin soothing bath bomb and therapeutic aromas!

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